Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

This Chocolate Banana Ice Cream is an outrageously easy, 2-ingredient nice cream recipe that shows you how to make ice cream with bananas and cocoa! Creamy, delicious, and only 84 calories!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

You knew this post had to happen since I shared my banana ice cream.  It was pretty much inevitable.

To be honest, though, I feel kinda guilty even sharing this recipe because of how easy it is.

This is why I feel guilty…

Wait.  So, Lacey, you took your 1 ingredient banana ice cream recipe and added cocoa powder and created a whole new post?

And then this is me…


Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

So, let me explain. I think I make this right.

Yes, the banana ice cream is amazeballs.  Mind blowing, even.  But you know what it isn’t?

Chocolate ice cream.

Well, I mean the regular, store-bought kind. That stuff is full of saturated fats, refined sugar, and other additives our body doesn’t need.

This frozen banana chocolate ice cream, on the other hand, proves that you can have all that delicious chocolatey-ness, minus the calories and fat. This, my dear friends, is a nice cream.

Because we all need a go-to chocolate ice cream recipe.  You need it, I need it.  It’s just like a necessary life thing.

And, if it’s healthy and even clean eating, then THAT’s worth sharing.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

What Is a Nice Cream?

A “nice cream” is ice cream made of frozen bananas and other wholesome ingredients, like chocolate, dried fruit, or nuts. It’s no-churn, cleaner, healthier, and a dessert that will please just about everyone: vegans, paleo eaters, picky kids, and busy moms like me!  The reason why it’s called “nice” is because it contains no dairy or other ingredients considered to be vegan (i.e. causing harm or violating the rights of animals).

Is Ice Cream Made out of Bananas Good for You?

This banana and chocolate ice cream is made of just two ingredients: sliced, frozen bananas and dark cocoa powder, which means its low-fat, full of vitamins, and even counts as one of your five-a-day. The high pectin found in the bananas is what gives this frozen banana and chocolate ice cream that wonderful soft-serve, creamy texture.

P.S. You can totally have this ice cream for breakfast AND still be healthy.  Just sayin’.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Okay, I’m glad we’re all on the same page now.  Few.

So I make this chocolate banana ice cream using my Cuisinart food processor, not an ice cream maker.  You could also use a heavy-duty kitchen blender, like a Vitamix.

Speaking of, if you are not yet the proud owner of your very own food processor, it’s a great investment in your healthy lifestyle.  For example, it can make…

  • cauliflower mashed potatoes
  • homemade peanut butter
  • sorbets –> like my cantaloupe sorbet and lemon blueberry sorbet
  • ice creams –> like my banana ice cream and THIS chocolate banana ice cream
  • frozen yogurts –> like my fresh peach frozen yogurt and strawberry frozen yogurt
  • energy balls, bites and bars  –> like my chocolate cherry bites, apricot and flaxseed bars, and chocolate peanut butter balls
  • cauliflower rice –> like in my cauliflower pizza crust and slow cooker chicken burrito bowls

I think you get my point.  Food processor = amazingly useful.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Okay.  So let’s talk about this chocolate ice cream right here.

It’s creamy, rich and smooth, chocolatey and sweet, all with just 84 calories in a serving.

In other words, drop everything you’re doing right now, go slice up those bananas you have sitting on the counter, and freeze them.  😉

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

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